The Association of Korean-American Professionals in the Automotive Industry (KPAI) is pleased to announce the KPAI Scholarship. We will award outstanding high school senior(s) for college enrollment.
1. Objective: a. KPAI scholarship program will support main purposes of KPAI, as outlined in the KPAI Articles, pursuant to the provisions of the Michigan      Nonprofit Corporations Act, Act 162, Public Acts of 1982. b. It is intended to nurture potential future leaders by providing financial support to a student in Korean-American Community for educational      development. c. KPAI scholarship program will be operated based on interest income from the scholarship fund and KPAI contribution. d. This program will be financed through corporate sponsorship, personal donation from the program supporters and proceeds from fund       raising activities. e. When the interest income from the KSP fund is not sufficient to cover all scholarship money for selected recipients, then, KPAI will      supplement it. f. Withdrawal of KSP fund from the bank account or use of the seed money of the KSP fund requires unanimous agreement by all KSP     committee members before an action is taken. 2. Award: Each scholarship recipient will receive $1,000. The total number and final list of recipients will be determined by the KPAI scholarship committee (hereafter referred to as "the Committee") and it will be communicated via KPAI website and the newsletter. 3. Application Process: a. All documents must be sent to the email address ( or the US post mailing address specified in the KPAI Scholarship Program       Web Board. b. The prepared application form and required documents must be received or post marked by the specific due date listed on the KPAI Scholarship      Program Web Board. c. The required documents for the application are listed in below 'Section 4. Required Documents'. d. The award is granted once a year. 4. Required Documents: All of the scanned images of certificates must show signatures of the authority. a. KPAI Scholarship Award Application Form (available in KPAI website) b. Transcript or letter from school verifying the GPA of the prior years of application. c. Credentials verifying Honors received, community services, extracurricular activities or recognitions from educational institutes or other      organizations. d. An essay that the topic was given by KPAI Scholarship Committee in the essay form (available in KPAI website Instruction/Application Form). e. A separate essay that may supports the needs for financial aid. (optional) 5. Eligibility Requirements: The candidate must meet the following requirements a. A high school senior student of Korean descendant. b. Minimum GPA 3.0 out of 4.0 grade scale 6. Selection Process: b. The Committee members will review the application submitted by all applicants and select a final winner or winners of the award. c. Criteria:    i. Academic Record for the junior high school. (The GPA may be re-calculated by a KSP committee member with weight of AP      courses and +/- letter grade.)    ii. Financial Needs.    iii. Significant community service record.    iv. Significant sports or extracurricular activities and awards received.    v. Honors received from educational institutes or community.    vi. Other achievement(s) that deserves recognition. d. The Committee will carefully review the applications to select unanimously the winner(s) based on the selection criteria. The selection process shall be completed in 4 weeks after the application due date.
e. The Committee Chairperson will notify the final winner(s) to the selected recipient(s) and KPAI President. f. KPAI President announces the winner(s) in the first KPAI newsletter and in the KPAI Scholarship Program web board following the selection. g. The award certificate and the check issued by KPAI will be presented to the recipient(s) of the scholarship at one of the KPAI events such as following annual meeting. 7. Scholarship Committee Members a. Committee will consist of minimum 4 members in two groups, not including the incumbent KPAI President. They are all volunteers without getting compensated and they include:    i. One (1) chairperson - Chairperson will be nominated by a committee member(s) and elected by all committee members by vote.    ii. One (1) secretary ? Secretary will maintain good record keeping of all documents including application documents and bank statements and will be responsible for recording/distributing meeting minutes.    iii. Minimum two (2) committee members    iv. The incumbent KPAI President will automatically serve in the KSP committee.    v. Each committee member will take charge of one area in the application form: academics (GPA/ACT/SAT), activity/volunteer, financial, and other (parent contribution/document preparation). Essay and reference letter evaluation will be taken by all the committee members. b. Qualification of the members    i. Former KPAI President, Vice President, Directors or Senior KPAI member who supports purposes of KSP.    ii. ii. In order to avoid potential conflict of interest, KPAI member with a child who is eligible for Scholarship application during the 2 year service term is not allowed to serve as a KSP committee member. c. Terms    i. The fiscal year of KSP committee is same as that of KPAI. That is, starting May until April 30 of the following year.    ii. The KSP member will serve for two 2 years and they are allowed to serve multiple terms.    iii. In order to maintain continuity, members will be grouped into two groups with minimum two members in the group. (Group A and B)    iv. Each group will be replaced by new members on a rotation basis every year.    v. New members to replace the departing members will be nominated and elected by all committee members every year.    vi. Any vacancy caused by a member's resignation, death and move shall be filled as soon as possible.    vii. A new member filling the vacant position will serve the remaining term of the member leaving the committee. d. In order to guarantee the independent operation of the KPAI Scholarship program from the regular KPAI activities, the Committee will have a right to amend this scholarship program guideline when deemed necessary
KPAI Scholarship Program Announcement by Chair of the Committee (2011)
Please, ignore the specific dates in this document, but follow the dates specified in above "Application Process" and "Selection Process".
and return it, completed, by post or email to KPAI Scholarship Committee (, no later than the due date addressed in above "Application Process".